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        Mossfloor Senior Rep Program

        “If you happen to be on a good story, stay with it. There is no substitute for the raw time you can spend with a subject. Only good can come from it.”

        For the last 3 years, Mossfloor Photography has ran a Senior Rep Program for seniors residing in western Washington. Hand selected from applications sent in from up and down the coast, these teens represent the vibe, brand, and style we at Mossfloor Photography are striving to achieve.

        Mossfloor’s approach to photography is to capture true emotion and feeling, and we search for teens who can showcase their emotions well through the lens.  Not only do our reps get discounted rates on their senior sessions, they also get to be a part of highly stylized shoots all throughout the year, as well as other fun, cool experiences with the group.

        For our Class of 2019 seniors, we’re looking for boys and girls who not only embrace the brand and styling of Mossfloor, but also searching for teens who put out an kind, approachable vibe towards their peers, as working well with others is a big part of our team!

        What are the eligibility requirements for being a Class of 2019 rep?
        How long does the program last?
        How many shoots are done throughout the year?
        What is the discounted rate for my senior session? What is included?
        Do you have a rewards system?
        What are the expectations for the seniors?
        How do I apply?
        The requirements are pretty simple: 1. Must be enrolled in high school (running start is accepted) 2. Must be on social media (Facebook & Instagram are mandatory) That being said, we do have guidelines we're looking for in terms of who we will be accepting, such as well thought out answers to the questions and a friendly demeanor.


        The application will be open from December 1st, 2017 to January 5th, 2018.  This application is only open to Class of 2019 high school students who are located within western Washington.