For those who
want a different

For the teen who puts importance into individuality, vulnerability, and rawness. For the people who want to capture who they truly are. For the ones who love eccentricity and thrive in the unknown. For those of you who would rather have snapshots in time than glamour poses. For those who appreciate the odd eeriness of the world.

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no. 1

brand mission


everyone is

made of beautiful,

specific details.



client reviews

no. 3

"She really pulls out everyone's personality and style though their pictures."

"Amazing work! Everything you'll do with Bri will be comfortable, beautiful and so much fun."

- Mikhaela

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It's no secret that quality photographs aren't cheap, but they're an investment into preserving history of you.

Life moves
pretty fast.
If you don't
stop and look around once in a while, you
could miss it.



no. 5

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There is such

       beauty   in   this   world

if i don't let myself

be happy now, when?

if not now,